This was my graduation speech for the class of 2009.

Polazzo's Favorite Music Videos: Compelling!.

Hot Potato: My daughter loves this.  But she's only two years old, so take it for what it's worth.

If you love accents as much as I go, make sure to check out this site.

Garfield Minus Garfield: Surreal and totally hilarious.

Lasagna Cat: More Garfield-related hilarity.  Live action plus videos. 1/26/1995, 4/08/1998 and 3/24/1979 are particularly good.

This Japanese reenactment of "We Are The World" is beyond belief.

Chocolate Rain: Internet sensation of the summer of 2007.  This kid has some serious bass.  But maybe he should work on choruses and a bridge?

Chacarron: The best reggaeton song ever.  Also Jose Reyes's at-bat music on occasion.

Upbeat: This is basically Dance Dance Revolution for your fingers.  WARNING: Extremely addictive!  Go for the Michael Gray songs.

Apparently, a new game on the web is to get people to inadvertently click on a link that sends them to a video of 80's pop sensation Rick Astley--a phenomenon known as "Rick Rolling."  Click here to see a video of what  Astley thinks about all this.

Prison Thriller: Thousands of Philippine prisoners from Cebu City put on an exact recreation of Michael Jackson's thriller.  So what if many of them haven't actually been convicted of any crimes? 

Unboring Lamp: This was a short lived ad for Ikea directed by Spike Jonze.  I can't help feeling incredibly sorry for the little red lamp.  Am I crazy?

Bouncy Balls: It may be an ad for a Sony TV, but it's beautiful and touching,

Spasmodic: Bored college students + stop motion = brilliance.

Milk and Cereal: I'm not really sure why I like this, but I really do.

The Ultimate Showdown: All the world's greatest heroes duke it out for supremacy.  Some cartoon violence.

Drum Machine: Incredible flash animation.  Click on the box to make it go.

Prangstgrup: Click on "Lecture Musical"

The AOLer Translator: This program turns "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" into "THEIR R MORE THNGS IN HAAEVN AND AARTH HORATIO THAN R DREMT OF IN UR PHILOSOPHY11!!! WTF" w00t. What could be funnier than mocking all the people in the world who can't spell or write in English very well?  Don't ask me how many other languages I speak, though.

Implicit Association Test: Are you a racist without even knowing it?  Find out here.  Also other tests are available.  Very fascinating.

Talking Cats: Self-explanatory.

BBC's Sex I.D. Test: How "male" or "female" is your brain?

Squares 2: Don't play this unless you are ready for some serious procrastination.

The Llama Song: Yes it is.

I Love Egg: So cutesy!  But irresistible.

Colin Powell Sings YMCA:  Does no one know the original meaning of this song?

Panda Pang: Japanese panda shoots falling slime omelets.  News at 11.

Kenya Flash: From the maker of Badger, Badger, Badger.

The Wheel: Behold the hypnotic power of the The Wheel.

Name That Beard: You'll have the song stuck in your head for days.

Postbox or Cheese?: Can you tell the difference between cheeses and postboxes?

McGurk Effect: Check out the truly insane McGurk Effect.

Scale of the Universe 2: Prepare to be awed.

Happy Man!:  This is *SO* disturbing.

Xiao Xiao 3:  Stick figure kung-fu mayhem!

Badger, Badger, Badger:  Something really cool happens the 20th time.

Chowder:  Major in philosophy, end up as a sample lady at a supermarket.  This is really funny.

Earth Viewer:  See satellite images of the Earth from any angle, day or night.  This is really cool.

Let Them Sing It For You: Words fail me.

Sound Mixer:  Release your inner DJ.

My Speech:  This is the speech that I gave for the graduation of the Class of 2003.

Yawn:  Challenge: try to read this article about yawning without yawning.

Mystery of the Pyramids Solved! by some old Canadian dude with no scientific training.

For all you Science People Out There: Sing along to the Periodic Table!  It's too easy making fun of government websites...

Homestarrunner:  I was obsessed with this site in like 2007.  You should especially check out this e-mail and this short.

The Helicopter Game:  Curse you for being so addictive!

Backstage Pass:  Christina Aguilera won't perform without Flintstone vitamins--Johnny Cash demands an American flag.

Dub Selector:  Making your own dub music can be quite addictive.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sound Boards:  Perfect for all your Arnold-themed prank calls.

Shakespearean Insult Kit: Thou saucy crook-pated hugger-mugger!

Curveball:  Like 3D Pong, only better.

hi-ho and other Japanese flash: I made my own subpage just for these punks.

Bird Call Car Alarms:  You know it... you love it..? Now hear the distinctive Car Alarm Sound reconfigured by songbirds..

When Reptiles Attack Anchors:  What a reaction!

Grim Reaper's Age Guesser:  Uncanny.

The Economist: The best magazine ever.  Arch, witty, informative, British, etc.  The only problem is that it's expensive as... um... as... an expensive magazine.  But now there's a deal for students.  Click on the link to get it now!  

Pocky:  This is an old ad campaign for Pocky, starring the 8000 members of Morning Musume.  Japanese and crazy.

John Ashcroft Sings:  Check out the vibrato! And hear the oddly satanic backwards version!

If life after death is really a bunch of crudely flash-animated Japanese characters dancing around, then maybe we need not harbor such existential dread.

The Inflation Calculator: This is useful if you plan to go back in time.

The Official Monster Raving Loony Party (Official Website):  This website is proof that the British take their politics way less seriously than Americans.

Are You Smarter than Miss America?:  You thought you were so clever...

Crab Bloke in London and Psycho Techno Hypno Kitten Snake: Inexplicable.  Classical.  Dramatic?

Bush Aerobics  and Dancing Bush: Nobody gets down like the POTUS. 

Men Who Look Like Kenny Rogers:  Get in touch with your inner Kenny.

The Onion:  They are funny.

Yugop: If you're the type of person who hears voices, do us all a favor and don't go here.

The Alanis Morissette Random Lyric Generator:  At last, a truly ironic website.  Don't ya think?  Yeah, I really do think...

All Your Base Are Belong To Us:  Damn!  Someone set us up the bomb.

The Mr. T Name Generator:  What would T call you?

The All-Music Guide: Find out about any band that ever recorded anywhere ever.

Hyakugojyuuichi!: The guy who did this is some 14-year old home schooled individual.  Alternately funny and fundamentally disturbing.

Lesko's Revenge: See above--more of the same, except more mellow.  And with more Alex Trebek. (NOTE: For this to work, you must right click on the screen and click on "play."

The Kevin Bacon Game:  How many degrees of separation is your favorite screen idol from Kevin Bacon?  Hint:  he's closer than you think.

Modern Living:  An animated portrait into the world of a psycho Dutchman.