Polazzo's Favorite Music Videos (A Work In Progress)

This old Renato Carasone song gets better and better with each listen.

Gangnam Style!  and for the kids What Does the Fox Say?

Crazy psychedelic Heavy Metal style videos here and here.

Everything Michel Gondry has done is awesome.  Check out Bjork's Bachelorette, Daft Punk's Around the World, and Foo Fighters Everlong. And Cibo Matto's Sugar Water.

You can't go wrong with Mexican masked wrestlers.

I usually don't like videos that show the band playing, but this is too cool.

RJD2 has two good ones, The Horror and this awesome Brooklyn number.

You can't go wrong with the Beta Band--especially here.

Feist, 1234--the original and (my daughter's fave) the Sesame Street version.

I've never been a huge Chris Cunningham fan, but this video for Portishead is darkly incredible.

The grand-daddy of awesomeness: Take On Me.

Backwards Motion Skydiving? Hell yeah!

While we're on the subject of backwards filming, this Spike Jonze Pharcyde video is great (this Coldplay vid was a total rip-off).  And he also did this great Bjork video along with these this fantastic Beastie Boys video. And also these two for Fatboy Slim.

Move Your Feet by Junior Senior.

Karma Police--underdog strikes back. And what did that man on the sidewalk say?

Kelly Watch the Stars

OK GO! Treadmill insanity, Upside Down & Inside Out, I Won't Let You Down, The Writing's On the Wall, This Too Shall Pass

Allcaps: The coolest video on the web if you are a comics junkie.

Wintergatan--amazing marble machine music. And a piano made with chopsticks--strangely beautiful.


This isn't technically a music video.  But...