P o l a z z o ' s   Hi-HO   P a g e !


At one point, there was some dude who had a page of all the Hi-HO! animations.  Then the page went down and I got sad.  So I tracked them all down and here they are for your viewing pleasure. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  These should be viewed in FULL SCREEN.  This means pushing F11 if you have a PC.  Mac users are on their own.

Fuyu: In which our heroes go ice-skating and then fall through the ice.  Hilarity ensues.

Hatu: The family goes to the local shinto shrine and Daddy parts with more than he was counting on.

Kouyou: Moral: be careful in the woods or you'll get framed by a squirrel.  Then throw leaves in the air!

Mail: Blueboy chases a celebrity, but in the end, it is he who is chased!  Hi-HO indeed!

Mouse: Escape the tyranny of the Evil Change Purse with Panasonic's cheap Hi-HO ISP!  Buy all the yakisoba you want, you cute little flash animation.

Natu:  I don't know about you, but if a shark attack left me stranded on the beach, I'm not sure that I would play that "Hit the Melon While Blind And Also Naked" game.

Net:  I think this one is all about parental controls on internet access.  Either that or a cautionary tale about doing the tango while wearing a helmet.

Sake:  He who catches the most trout has the most luck with the ladies, no?

Snake:  Blueboy is a hero after all!

X-mas: Hi-ho ho ho!

o t h e r  J a p a n e s e  f l a s h


Kikkomaso: Not Hi-HO! but equally insane Japanese flash involving the Kikkoman warrior. Apparently if you choose the wrong condiment, the punishment is death by hanging.

Shii's song: Oh boy.  Also see the English translation.

Miko Miko: Eggplants?  Huh?

Drum Machine: Man is this cool.