Final Project Assignment

This is the final project for Comparative Government.  It's your chance to show the class your stuff as you present on an area of interest to you.


1) Choose partners--only groups of two, please! If you can't find a partner, DM me on Slack and I'll join you with someone else.

2) Choose an aspect of another country's government to present to the class. So, not "The Government of Australia"--instead "The Prevalence of Spilling in Australian Government" (this is a real thing).  You can focus on a cultural element of the country, but it has to have some relationship to the government. Please note that you cannot do a project that focuses on any of the six countries we have already studied in class (UK, Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, Nigeria)

3) Once you have chosen your topic, choose a backup.  Then enter your two topics into this form.  You can check for my response on this spreadsheet. If you want to see what last year's proposals looked like, click here (though please note that last year I had mostly groups of three). Topics are due ASAP.

4) Your presentation is to take up 15 minutes no more and no less.  There will be three presentations per day. You are free to use any method you prefer: PowerPoint presentation, lecture, skit, song, movie, etc.  If you want to do a video, that's fine, but make sure you have shared it with me prior to your presentation time.

5) You will be graded on the following criteria:

    (1) Is your project informative? Does the class know more now than it did at the beginning of the class?

    (2) Is it entertaining?  Are the students awake, engaged and interested? (HINT: don't drown them in a tidal wave of boring facts).

    (3) Was the load shared?  I am going to give everyone a peer evaluation form, allowing them to show how fairly work was distributed in the group.

6) Presentations will begin on Tuesday, May 26th and will run until Thursday, June 11th.