Western Thought Homework

Homework 3

Please read Plato's Meno.  It is 36 pages long, but I think you'll find it's pretty entertaining reading.  Please enter your three questions into this form by 11:59pm, Wednesday night.


-Due Thursday, September 21st

Homework (No number)

Please read the following article (PDF) on the Presocratics. This is taken from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. 


ALSO, check out these cartoons about the Presocratics. 


-Due Tuesday, September 19th

Homework 2

Please read the Melian Dialogue from Thucydides's History of the Peloponnesian War. Think of three questions and enter them into this form. Please do so before 11:59pm tomorrow (Thursday) night.


-Due Friday, September 15th

Homework 1

(1) Check out this brief history of Athens. Also, look at this very brief overview of Athenian democracy


-DUE Tomorrow (September 12th)


(2) Please read the Funeral Oration of Pericles.  Think of three questions about the Oration and enter them into this form!  Please do so before 11:59pm tomorrow night.


-Due Wednesday, September 13th


You should do the following:


1) Make sure you have a Dropbox account--if you've entered your information into the Google form, and you don't have a Dropbox account, you will have received an invitation from me to create one.


2) Share a folder with me.  The format should be as follows:  If your name were David Hume, and you were in my sixth period class, the folder would be entitled: David Hume 6, WPT.  My e-mail address for sharing is mpolazzo@gmail.com


3) Upload a headshot of yourself that (a) is not too large and (b) actually looks like you. Place it in the shared folder. Name it davidhume.jpg (substitute your first and last names).  Please note that all headshots should be in JPEG form!


4) All uploaded data is due by the start of your class on Monday.





This Monday is the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  These actions triggered many debates about the appropriateness of vengeance and a discussion on justice in the philosophical community.  To that end, please read two short pieces "The Cycle of Revenge," by Simon Critchley--published in the New York Times's The Stone section and an article by Thane Rosenbaum entitled "The Nonexistent Line Between Justice and Revenge." If you want more info, you can listen to or read this interview with Rosenbaum on NPR.  Be prepared to discuss!




I'm not usually one to post scholarship stuff, but this one seems pretty good: the Jack Kent Cook foundation pays $40,000 a year and is for seniors with some financial need. Here's a link with more info--though the application process doesn't open until Thursday, September 14th


-Due Monday, September 11th


Please go to this form and enter in all information!  Please read this comic. And also this comic. Be prepared to discuss!



-Due Friday, September 8th