Study Sheet for Test Six


Chapter 17: Elections and Voting


Section 1: Election Campaigns

Electing the President

    Electoral Votes and the States

    Campaign Strategy

    Campaign Organization

    Using Television

    Using the Internet

Financing Election Campaigns

    Regulating Campaign Financing

        The FEC

    Public Funding

    Private Funding

    Campaign Law and the Internet


Section 2: Expanding Voting Rights

Early Limitations on Voting

Woman's Suffrage

African American Suffrage

    The Fifteenth Amendment

    Grandfather Clause

    Literacy Test

    Poll Tax

    Voting Rights Act

The 26th Amendment


Section 3: Influences on Voters

Personal Background of Voters


    Other Background Influences

    Cross-Pressured Voters

Loyalty to Political Parties

    Strong v. Weak Party Voters

    Independent Voters

Issues in Election Campaign

The Candidate's Image


Profile of Regular Voters

Profile of Nonvoters





Chapter 18: Interest Groups and Public Opinion


Section 1: Interest Group Organization


Power of Interest Groups

    Defining Interest Groups

    Purpose of Interest Groups

    Political Power

Leadership and Membership

Business and Labor Groups

Agricultural Groups

Other Groups

Robert Dahl and "Who Governs?"

Mancur Olson and "The Logic of Collective Action"


Section 2: Affecting Public Policy

The Work of Lobbyists

    Who are Lobbyists?

    Providing Useful Information

    Drafting Bills

Interest Groups Seek Support

    Media Campaigns

    Letter Writing


The Rise of Political Action Committees (PACs)

    How PACs Began

    Laws Governing PACs

    Federal Election Commission (FEC)

    Supreme Court Decisions (Buckley)

PACs and the Groups They Serve

    Affiliated PACs

    Nonconnected PACs

    Leadership PACs

Strategies for Influence

    Trading Support for Access

    Influencing Elections

    How Much Influence?

    Transforming Supporters into Advocates


Section 3: Shaping Public Opinion

The Nature of Public Opinion



    Significant Numbers

Political Socialization

    Family and Home



    Social Characteristics

    The Mass Media

    Other Influences

    Political Efficacy

Political Culture

    Context For Opinion

    Screening Information

Ideology and Public Policy



    Moderates and Libertarians


Section 4: Measuring Public Opinion

Traditional Methods

    Political Party Organizations

    Interest Groups



    Straw Polls

Scientific Polling

    Sample Populations


        Representative Sample

        Random Sampling

    Sampling Error

    Sampling Procedures

    Poll Questions

    Mail and Phone Polls

    Interpreting Results

Public Opinion and Democracy



Chapter 19: The Mass Media


Section 1: How Media Impact Government

The President and the Media

    News Releases and Briefings

    Press Conferences

    Other Means

    Media Events

Media and Presidential Campaigns

    Nominating Process

    Campaign Advertising

    Financing TV Advertising

    Political Parties

Congress and the Media

    Confirmation Hearings


    Personal Business


The Court and the Media

    Remoteness of Judges

    Technical Issues

Setting the Public Agenda

    Issue Awareness and Competition

    Attitudes and Values


Section 2: Regulating Print and Broadcast Media

Protecting the Media

    Free Press Guaranteed


The Right to Gather Information

    The Right of Access

    Protection of Sources

Regulating Broadcast Media

    The FCC

    Content Regulation

    Ownership Regulation

    Telecommunication Act of 1996

Media and National Security


Section 3: The Internet and Democracy

Key Features of the Internet



    Global Scope

Gathering Information

    Political Web Sites


    Tracking Legislation

    Electronic Mailing Lists


Impact On Citizen Participation

    Communicating with Officials

    Action Alerts and Petitions

    Grassroots Web Sites




Challenges for Public Policy

    Offensive Content

    Taxing E-Comment



Please know all articles and other readings assigned since the last test.  Good luck!